I love languages : A source for multi languages
Ciao!: A good site to learn about grammar
Adesso : The website for the book Adesso
Ciao! : The site for the book Ciao

Experience Europe! Small, friendly, tour groups hosted by a certified tour guide. &
Find train schedules, reserve seats, choose accommodations, purchase tickets - a valuable site for advance trip planning.
Locations, hours of operation, exhibits and special events for just about any museum in

Sign up for free daily news updates of political, cultural, and sports happenings in Italy in English, Italian, and Spanish.

Delicious Italy Open this great site and you are right away in La Bella Italia. A little colorful map of Italy will guide you all over its 20 regions. Buon Viaggio!

Historical Pisa Two spectacular events, the 'Luminara' and the 'Historical Regata for San Ranieri'. Learn more about the history of Pisa and its Arno River go here Historical Pisa

Florence 2004: In June, 2004, a perhaps unprecedented event will take place. Steve Bernard Lance, an Atlanta-based artist, will present a two-week solo exhibition under the auspices of "il Gruppo Donatello", the oldest art society in Florence, in the Galleria Donatello.

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