Italiano Language Center is committed to making your trip to Italy as enjoyable and productive as you could ever hope for. For this reason we have developed a local network, Italiano in Italy, to meet your needs. Whether you need help with finding a learning program, Italian school, tutor, tour guide or accommodations, we can put you in touch with the right resources.


Still looking for La Vera Italia? We know where to find it!

If your idea of an Italian vacation is elbowing your way through a piazza of retired podiatrists from Des Moines for overpriced cappuccino, you don't know La Vera Italia…the real Italy .

Throughout the ages, millions have found the allure of Italy -- her beauty, spirit and history -- irresistible. This has never been more true than in recent years, when tourists, seeking her magical charms, have literally flocked to her cities, mountains and beaches. Sometimes it seems there are no Italians, only tourists, left in Italy ! But rest assured, la vera Italia still exists. And Italiano Language Center can help you find it.

Study Abroad
Whether you prefer a structured study program or want to set your own schedule, we can help you find your way. We have cooperative agreements with international language schools and independent programs in Florence, Tuscany, and throughout Italy. You may choose a program with:

    • Traditional classroom instruction
    • Full-immersion language experiences
    • Excursions to areas of interest
    • Activities such as cooking classes, marketing excursions, fruit-picking, herb-growing, Italian music, water color painting, ceramics, hiking and even yoga
    • Or any combination of the above

Or you may choose to do nothing more strenuous than relaxing on the loggia of a beautifully restored Italian farmhouse, enjoying the spectacular views that surround you. Whatever your goal, Italiano Language Center has the resources to help you design the scenario that best meets your needs..

Where do you want to stay while traveling? Italiano in Italy can recommend a hotel or make arrangements for you to rent a villa, stay with a family or rent a Private Apartment in Florence Do you need something for a few days, a week or a month or more? We can help you find what is right for you through the network of contacts we have developed over the years.

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