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2018 promises to be a year of new beginnings for Italiano. As we once again begin our language classes, in our new space, we reflect on the past 32 years and what has been, is and can be. This will be our guide as we develop new and exciting opportunities to share the language and culture of Italy.

Our last trip to Italy reinforced our passion to explore new ways of connecting and learning for anyone who would like to not only speak Italian, but to Live Italian. Many travel to Italy, but few are really equipped to make the most of their time through direct contact with an 'Italian Guide'.

Travel Companion, our new initiative, is what this will accomplish. Unlike a guidebook that highlights the favorite tourist itineraries, we can help you plan a vacation that truly focuses on your specific interests. We live in Italy and are delighted to facilitate those introductions to the people and places that will help you experience your dream vacation.

Technology can help you make reservations, rent a car and even guide that car using GPS. But does it tell you the best way to really experience Italy as something other than a tourist? Can it guide you to the little 'gems' in a city or village that could change your view of Italy? Can it tell you the shops or markets where the Italians shop for the best deals? Can it put you in contact with the owner of that cooking school that will teach you how to make that special dish? Can it contact someone on the inside of a special event?

Visual tours are great when you want to preview a city or a museum, but do they give you the actual feel of seeing the art, tasting the food, walking the streets? Let us help you experience Italy, not just check it off on you bucket list!

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Our New Address:
5784 Lake Forrest Drive, Ne, Suite 224
Atlanta, GA 30328

Welcome to ItalianoLanguageCenter Discover the Language, Experience the Culture. Learn or Improve your Italiano Now.

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